Social Media as an emerging platform for ecommerce / by Grace Kim

One of my first articles that I wrote back in 2014 for an ecommerce company called Warp 9 Inc.


In recent years, social media has blown up as a source of entertainment, news, and marketing. From February 2005 to August 2006, the usage of social networking sites in young adults increased from 9% to 49% in a little over a year. Since then, all internet user age groups have experienced exponential increases in social media use. While it’s original and foremost objective was to create and connect large networks, in doing so, social media has essentially gathered individuals into one public forum and created a vast marketplace for online businesses.   

With the option to share promotions on your timeline or directly send a pinned product to your friends, social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram allow businesses to utilize one of the best ways to market to a large audience: the audience itself. With a click of a button, online users can rapidly promote products and sales in a way that’s more efficient than, yet just as effective, as word of mouth. 

Many brands and companies have already begun to take advantage of this new, painless advertising. Large name brands like Nike and Starbucks post consistently onto facebook pages, sharing promotions, upcoming sales, and introductions to new products and providing direct links to their websites. Smaller businesses, specifically with target audience of young adults aged 18-34, gain production recognition through giveaways and promotional campaigns on smaller social networking apps such as Instagram and Twitter. It is much more likely for a potential consumer to be drawn to a product on his or her newsfeed and actually view the product online than it is likely that he or she go directly to the product website of his or her own accord. Moreover, potential consumers spend a vast amount of time on their personal social networking sites, with the majority of Facebook and Instagram users exhibiting daily usage. 

In short, there is an enormous marketplace of consumers that can be reached through social media. To the next entrepreneur or business, this means staying up to date with what is trending and appealing to these audiences and utilizing them to further expand the marketplace for ecommerce. And of course, you can trust Warp9 in making that expansion happen.