Interview w/ Pacifica Hotels' Adam Marquis on the importance of an online presence / by Grace Kim

Another article from 2014 that I did at Warp 9 Inc. with a partner, Ryan Wittler. For the article, we interviewed with Adam Marquis, VP of Development at Pacifica Hotels, on the rising importance of an online presence and mobile optimized platforms. 


By: Grace Kim and Ryan Wittler

Pacifica Hotels is a hotel management company that specializes in managing high-quality properties in premier coastal destinations. Founded in 1995, their mission is to provide exceptional hospitality and unique lodging experiences for their guests.

This week we sat down with Pacifica’s Vice President of Development, Adam Marquis, and he shared with us just how important ecommerce (specifically mobile) is to the success of the company.

Q: What is the value of developing a strong online presence for your company?

A: It’s important because you want to show up high on the first pages of search engines like Google and Yahoo and having a strong online presence is vital to that.

Q: How important is the website to the success of the company?

A: Very, 35-40% of our revenue is generated through online reservations through the site. The website also helps us portray to people what we are. From the images that are on there to our branding, it’s really become the identity of your hotel.

Q: When did Pacifica implement a mobile optimized site?

A: The new one rolled out in December.

Q: In what ways does the mobile optimized site contribute to your company?

A: With an online presence, you really want to be everywhere, especially with the younger generations. I mean, the last five hotel reservations I’ve made have been through my phone. It’s hard to do, but with a good mobile site, it can be done.

Q: Have you ever considered creating a mobile app versus only having a mobile optimized version of the website?

A: It’s definitely something we’ve considered but not something that seems worth the investment in terms of costs. We also have to keep in mind that we have an older demographic that stay at our hotels and we have to refrain from getting too digitalized on them.  

Pacifica Hotels recognizes the importance of a strong online presence in the hotel industry and the value of a good mobile optimized site. They understand the growth of mobile commerce in today’s business world and the value that companies like Warp 9 have in making it their mission to help clients grow in this ever changing world of ecommerce.