Best Practices of Mobile Web Design / by Grace Kim

One of the first articles I ever wrote. Written for Warp 9 Inc. back in 2014.


by Grace Kim

Here at Warp 9, we know that there are endless benefits to having a mobile optimized site for your business. The design and layout of mobile optimized sites play a crucial role in customer loyalty and satisfaction and amount of revenue generated from the mobile sites. Even the slightest changes, such as font size or the shape of a button can make a difference in the likelihood of customers making purchases through mobile sites. That’s why Warp 9 decided to put some of the tried and true practices of mobile web design in the following list:

1) Don’t include tons of images

No one wants to read a large wall of text, but it’s equally frustrating to open a browser on a tiny iphone screen and be bombarded by massive images that are unhelpful and irrelevant to what the customer is looking for. Include enough images that the customer can get a visual of what it is that you’re advertising to them, but refrain from turning your mobile site into a newspaper collage of cluttered images rather than a useful platform for your business.

2) Create versatile designs for multiple screen sizes

You’ll never know whether your customer is opening your mobile site on an iphone, a galaxy, or an HTC. That’s why it’s a smart move to design your mobile site to fit multiple size screens. 320px is the standard size for most smartphone screens, but 128px, 176px, 240px, 320px, and 360px are also popular sizes to consider when designing your mobile site.

3) Don’t get fancy with fonts

Try to stick to the system fonts of your mobile platforms when designing your site. This ensures consistency and custom fonts can slow down page loading time or not even be supported by the web browser being used. Remember that mobile sites don’t always have to be flashy, as long as it’s clean and simple and can quickly direct customers to what they want.  

While there are endless techniques and tactics to creating an excellent mobile optimized website, these few tips will give you a solid start to your perfect mobile site. One tip you shouldn't forego, however, is trusting in Warp 9 to build your e-commerce platform.