Samena (2019)

Narrative Short
In post-production

Starring Alex Beechko, Aleigha Spinks, Christina Jolie Breza, and Marine Assaiante

Horror short created in one weekend for the 2019 Women’s Weekend Film Challenge, featuring all female cast and crew

An Interloper’s Kiss (2019)

Narrative Short, 6m

Starring Yi Liu

A portrait of a woman’s everyday domestic life from the perspective of an unlikely, voyeuristic love interest.

Currently playing at Syndicated Theater before select feature films

Loveseat (2018)

Narrative Short, 16m
On the festival circuit


Starring Victor Cruz, Schann Mobley

A lonely, middle-aged man sets out in search of his soul mate after what he believes to be a fateful encounter with a banana.

Official Selection: Picture Farm Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, Indie Works, Ocktober Film Festival

Awards & Honors: Picture Farm Film Festival - Commercial Director Mentorship Award, Indie Works - Audience Choice Award

Looking back and moving forward (2016/2018)

Experimental short, 3m


An experimental piece reflecting on the meaning of honoring the past whilst bracing oneself for the future.

Albino Black Sheep (2017)

Narrative Short,14m


Awards & Honors: Golden Elmo Award 2018

Four men find themselves strangely unable to leave a rooftop for no reason other than their own neuroses.