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Gardens of Heartbreak (2023)
Solo exhibition, Bed-stuy Art House in Brooklyn, NY
Video installation, drawings, paintings

Objects of Heartbreak is an experimental mixed media documentary helmed by filmmaker Grace Kim. Through an open call amongst Brooklyn residents, Grace curated objects leftover from 'failed relationship, be they platonic, romantic, or familial'. She interviewed select residents, and interwove the audio together into one cohesive reflection on the universal human experience of heartbreak. With cinematographer Alexa Carroll, she digitally documented the submitted 'heartbreak objects' and, with animator Ty Lance West, created a new 'canvas' with the footage to produce new whole formed from discrete experiences. 

Here, she presents the film for the Brooklyn community to experience, along with an ongoing gallery of heartbreak objects. With these, she poses the question, 'How can we each build on one another's experiences in the culmination of a brand new expression of our hurt; And in that shared expression, find healing?' 

OBJECTS OF HEARTBREAK is supported in part by

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