Grace Kim is a Brooklyn-based, Korean-American filmmaker and writer who uses absurdist and surrealist premises in pursuit of finding unique expressions of common human experiences. Though the human experience is incredibly diverse and varied, Grace is interested in uncovering “humanity” at its core—what is the human “essence” that remains when one peels aways the superficial layers of race, gender, class, and circumstance? How is her translation of this universal humanity overtly or covertly feminine, or Asian-American, or heteronormative? These are the questions she wrestles with through her filmmaking.

To date, Grace has written and directed three short films, as well as having produced a myriad of other narrative projects. Grace’s script for her 2018 short film Loveseat was a quarterfinalist for the Screen Craft Short Film Fund, and her script for her next film One-handed Cartwheel was a finalist for the Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival Script Studio. She is deeply committed to her independent film communities and practices her craft through her membership in Filmshop, Brooklyn Film Collective Writers, Sandbox. She is on the programming committee for Asian Cinevision’s Asian American International Film Festival, is a screener for the Revolution Me Film Festival and works on staff at New York Women in Film and Television.

"How wonderful, how very wonderful the operations of time, and the changes of the human mind!” 

-Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

e: gracekimeunyoung@gmail.com

e: gracekimeunyoung@gmail.com